Nestled in the hills of the eastern section of historic Peekskill NY, the Stonegate Co-operative Apartment Complex is a model for affordable quality home ownership in Westchester County.  Prior to our construction the area was largely wooded and rural, but that changed quickly once we became the first multi family residence in the vicinity and today there are numerous co-op and condominium developments nearby.   Originally built as an upper middle income rental development between 1969 & 1972, Stonegate was subsequently converted to a co-operative complex in 1984, known formally as "Crompond Apartment Owners Inc".  It is also a testimony to the success of this development, that some of the original tenants going back to 1969 still live here.  We are also fortunate to be in close proximity to major shopping hubs, public transportation and highways affording quick access to White Plains, New York City and beyond.

There are 217 spacious one and two bedroom living units here, each with a private terrace or patio occupying 9 buildings that are spread over 16 carefully landscaped acres.  The complex also boasts amenities such as a pool, barbeque areas for private picnics, and paths and park benches throughout the wooded property.

Both the management and board of Stonegate are committed to the mission of the co-op corporation as described in the original 1984 prospectus and offering plan, specifically: "to provide quality home ownership to the shareholders".  Towards that end the board is taking a number of important steps that will insure that we remain a first class residential owner occupied development.  The most important of these was the placement in 2006 of permanent limitations on the ability of shareholders to rent their units including imposing sublet fees and a residency requirement of at least 2 years before a shareholder can sublet their unit.  These provisions reduce our maintenance costs and prohibit outside speculators from using the complex solely for investment purposes.  Additionally, the board is looking at ways of reducing and eliminating our remaining outstanding mortgage, with the goal of moving us to debt free status with 10 years. 
Finally, we are developing a long term maintenance plan that will identify needed capital improvements so that we are ahead of the curve in keeping our development safe, secure and attractive.

Our shareholders, residents, staff, and management are all proud of the role that our development plays in providing quality affordable market rate housing in the City of Peekskill as well as our reputation as a good neighbor and corporate citizen of the community.

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